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Speaker system 2E Party Boom 200 TWS, USB, Full LED, DJ Effects, Wireless
Speaker system 2E Party Boom 200 TWS, USB, Full LED, DJ Effects, Wireless
    A portable speaker system with a total power equal to an impressive 200 W from 2E will charge any party with powerful deep bass and good mood!
69900 AMD
  • Overview
  • Specifications
  • Maximum portability
    Enjoy music anywhere, be it at home, at the beach or at the park. A high-capacity built-in battery with an impressive capacity of 12Ah will allow you to stay away from home for a long time with music from 2E.
  • Built-in FM module
    Listen to your favorite radio stations wherever you are! DJ Effects - 64 preset DJ Effects! The ergonomic 16-key console allows you to activate any preset effect when you need it. Feel the whole drive of DJing!
  • Team up with friends for a full-fledged TWS stereo
    The ability to connect these speakers into a TVS stereo pair will increase the total power and create a stereo effect. Pair other 2E PARTY BOOM 200s for a truly massive gig.
  • High-quality sound
    2E PARTY BOOM 200 has 3 drivers, which allows you to achieve loud and clear sound throughout the entire playback range. 1 x 1.5" tweeter delivers high frequencies, while 2 x 8" woofers deliver deep, enveloping bass.
  • Full LED lighting to the beat of the music
    Amplify positive emotions and create a real disco, using multi-colored backlighting of the speaker cabinet, which lights up in time with the music being played. There are 8 different lighting effects available.
  • Maximum power
    The peak power of this speaker system is a considerable 200 watts, which will allow you to use the 2E PARTY BOOM 200 in large open spaces. The bass boost function will help to add drive to any holiday.
  • Specifications